Things to do in Kamp-Lintfort


Kamp-Lintfort is home to a long cultural tradition of its own. The city’s most prominent landmark is the ancient monastery, which is a very popular tourist destination with its original architecture, museum, herb garden and well-maintained terraced garden complex.

Other noteworthy sites in Kamp-Lintfort are the Eyll castle and chapel, the Hoerstgen church and the city’s historic Altsiedlung area, which features century-old factory housing in the English garden city style.


Kamp-Lintfort’s small, historic streets in the Altsiedlung, as well as its many hiking routes through the surrounding wilderness offer idyllic footpaths with natural sights and surroundings. They’re perfect for a relaxing stroll or a prolonged jog.


Together, the city of Kamp-Lintfort and Rhine-Waal University offer a large amount of sporting activities, which is otherwise untypical for the region. The city offers a German-language database of sport clubs, but the university’s sport programme can be found in English here: university sport.

Other fun places to visit are the city’s golf course and airfield. A very popular destination in summer for both locals and students is the indoor/outdoor swim complex Panoramabad Pappelsee.

Leisure Time and Recreation

Kamp-Lintfort features a number of cafés for meeting friends or just relaxing with a good cup of coffee. Very popular with the locals are Café Fahrlässig and König-Treff. Kamp-Lintfort is also home to a popular open-air theatre, which seats 400 people and often puts on humorous plays in German.

For concerts and events coming to Kamp-Lintfort in the near future, see the city’s event calendar (in German).


City Info
Am Rathaus 2
47475 Kamp-Lintfort
Phone: +49 2842 / 912-0