Diversity Commission (KoDi)

The Diversity Commission supports the University in all matters relating to diversity and participation, including anti-discrimination issues. Its responsibilities include:

  • Organising and implementing (with support from the Vice-President for Internationalisation and Diversity) diversity audits and other diversity-related monitoring processes as well as networking with other diversity commissions nationwide vis-à-vis diversity management and campus diversity
  • Organising anti-discrimination mechanisms (anti-discrimination guidelines) in close cooperation with the Anti-Discrimination Officer
  • Advising responsible bodies on topics such as shifts in social diversity and possible effects for HSRW (in close cooperation with the Equal Opportunities office)
  • Continuously fine tuning all diversity-sensitive areas which affect operations at HSRW.

KoDi’s duties and composition are set forth by Section 9 (“Commissions”) of the HSRW constitution. Its specific areas of responsibilities are defined by the Senate in coordination with the Executive Board.

The Diversity Commission usually meets three times per semester, but extraordinary meetings can also be called for specific reasons. Meetings are held in English, but are not open to the public.

The Diversity Commission is supported in its duties by the Personal Representative to the Vice-President for Internationalisation and Diversity. The Vice-President for Internationalisation and Diversity, the Inclusion Officer and the Representative for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses usually participate in meetings as advisors without voting power.


Commission members:

Prof. Dr. Imgard Bruder (Senatsmitglied)
Prof. Dr. Ingrid Jungwirth (Fakultät Gesellschaft und Ökonomie)
Prof. Dr. Sylvia Moenickes (Fakultät Life Sciences)
Prof. Dr. Neil Shirtcliffe (Fakultöt Technologie und Bionik)
Prof. Dr. Margarita Spirova (Fakultät Kommunikation und Umwelt)

Naomi McLaughlan MBA (Fakultät Technologie und Bionik)
Bernou Zoe van der Weil M.Sc. (Fakultät Life Sciences)

Nele Decker (Zentrale Studienberatung)

Ibrahim Bageya (Fakultät Gesellschaft und Ökonomie)
Lidia Rosenfeld (Fakultät Gesellschaft und Ökonomie)


General enquiries:

Naomi McLaughlan MBA

Prof. Dr. Ingrid Jungwirth