Mission Statement

Inherently international

At Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences we are rooted in the region and networked with the world. We strive to promote an international academic discourse and value-driven, cultural exchange. With this cosmopolitan approach, our aim is to contribute to mutual understanding between cultures in a networked world.

Modern teaching, pioneering research

Our method-based, application-driven and cross-subject research and teaching programmes produce highly qualified graduates. We teach, learn and do research in modern, excellently equipped laboratories. We identify new interdisciplinary research fields and develop innovative products and services. In all this, the challenges posed by society serve as our yardstick.

Building the region responsibly

Working with our partners, we are helping to turn the region into an attractive knowledge centre. We deliver innovative ideas and serve as partners in their implementation. In our eyes, internationality is an opportunity. Accordingly, we accept our responsibility for connecting the region with the rest of the world.

Empowering people to shape the future

We prepare individuals with varying capabilities for the future. Our theoretically sound and application-driven teaching models produce responsible and creative people who know their subjects. In the process, we place great emphasis on ingenuity and personal autonomy. We achieve this with an education that emboldens students and inspires curiosity and enthusiasm.

Who we are

We are ambitious. We have the courage and the passion to be different! For us, finding solutions is more motivating than discussing problems. We are open to new ways of thinking, reflect on what we do and strive to improve on the basis of our experience. To this end, we seek the feedback of everyone we come into contact with, both inside and outside the university.

We attract people from all cultures and countries. Along with the people who come to us, we take responsibility for a mindful interaction.

Our actions are shaped by mutual respect between teaching staff, students and university members, regardless of nationality, religion, culture or sexual orientation. Equality, inclusion and tolerance are core principles for us.

We believe that the huge diversity of the people at our university enriches the teaching and research experience. The university bodies and committees reflect this diversity.

We deal with our partners respectfully, professionally and dependably. For us, this method of interaction is the mainstay of a collectively articulated university culture. We strive to keep a close eye on this culture, render it transparent and actively shape it going forward.

To ensure we not only achieve our goals and values, but also live and breathe them, we seek to uphold our mission statement in everything we do.