Dr. phil. Prasad Reddy

Dr. phil. Prasad Reddy (1966) is the Founder and CEO of the Centre for Social Inclusion Migration and Participation (ZSIMT) based in Bonn. Mr. Reddy has been teaching at the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences since the WS 2014/15 various Bachelor and Masters Courses at the Faculty of Society and Economics (Sustainable Development Management, M.A. / International Business and Administration, B.A.), the Faculty of Life Sciences (Agribusiness, B.A.), and the Faculty of Technology und Bionics (B.A./M.A). The main themes of his courses are Diversity Management, Conflict Management,Moderation und Negotiation Skills.

Mr. Reddy holds a Doctorate in the Field of Educational Sciences and Psychology and has several years of International experience as Expert, Project Leader, Consultant and Speaker in the fields of Diversity Management in the Non-Profit Sector and Social inclusion/Participation.

After undergoing a well-founded, scientific further education he was certified as Diverstiy Manager by the Grundig Academy, as an Anti-Bias Trainer from the Ministry by Education in Gauteng (South Africa), as Intercultural Trainer/Coach by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für interkulturelle Trainingsqualität dgikt e.V. and IKUD, as a European Net Trainer by the Furtwangen University. In the context of his engagement as Research Assistant, Lecturer and Trainer at various Universities and Non-Profit Organisations like the Caritas, Diakonie and AW0, various charitable foundations, Mr. Reddy’s repertoire consists of several Publications, Research Projects, Scientific Papers and Conference Key-Note Addresses/Speeches.                                           

Focus of Work: Educational and Further Educational Concepts for Employees in the educational sector, Transnational (curricular and extracurricular) Educational Concepts for Youth and Adults, Anti-Bias-Education, Diversity Management in Non-Profit Sector, Antidiscrimination, Social Inclusion, Belonging and the Capability Approach.  

Actual Publication (2020) - Prasad Reddy: „Hier bist du richtig, wie Du bist“ – Theoretische Grundlagen, Handlungsansätze und Übungen zur Umsetzung von Anti-Bias-Bildung für Schule, Jugendarbeit, Soziale Arbeit und Erwachsenenbildung. Düsseldorf: Informations- und Dokumentationszentrum für Antirassismusarbeit e.V., 198 Pages, ISBN 978-3-9821886-0-7.

(Status: 03.07.2020)