WDR and REHACARE-Magazine publisch documentary on "Mobile – Mobil im Leben“ project

The goal of ‘Mobile - Mobil im Leben’ is to develop a way for people with cognitive or physical disabilities to easily and effectively participate and navigate in public transportation. Dr Ing.- Christian Ressel, Professor of Ambient Intelligence at the Faculty of Communication and Environment, is the Scientific Head of the project.

The result is a smartphone-based navigation system that can be custom tailored to each user’s individual needs and adapt to changing traffic conditions in real time. Thus, when a user with a disability needs to get somewhere using public transportation, the system calculates an individually customised route of travel that takes into consideration all of that user’s particular needs. It also provides real-time instructions to the user at critical moments during the trip, informing them, for example, when it’s necessary to change bus lines and which bus they need to look for. In short, it provides an otherwise largely excluded base of users with a new, unprecedented level of mobility in their daily lives – the chance to go ‘from one door to another’ safely and reliably.



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Prof. Dr Christian Ressel
Rhine-Waal University
Professor of Ambient Intelligence

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