Successful Boys' Day and Girl's Day 2019

On March 28, 2019, the Faculty of Communication and Environment was once again able to welcome numerous pupils from the surrounding schools to Boys' Day and Girl's Day.

After a short welcome, the boys and girls had the chance to experience what it means to study at an international university and got a first insight into university life during a short tour. Following the motto of the day, the girls and boys were encouraged to follow their interests and abilities, regardless of whether their own career aspirations correspond to the role cliché of a "woman" or a "man". Organizer Johannes Pfeifer, scientific assistant of the Psychology degree programme supported the young people in finding a job perspective they enjoy and are good at and which also has got good prospects for the future as well as social relevance.

After a short campus rally, the girls and boys then went on a career exploration in three groups: 24 boys from class 8/9 got to know the faculty's psychology laboratories. They were able to try out an age simulation suit, take part in a game using a mobile eye tracker and test their IQ. About 10 girls extracted fragrances from natural materials (oranges etc.) in the Energy and Environment laboratory, produced plastic from milk and made a solution that changes colour when shaken. The other 10 girls were able to design a shining jute bag in the Fab-Lab with the help of adhesive tape, LEDs and batteries.

The event closed with a lunch. The students enjoyed the programme which they found very interesting. Many students would like to come back: first to the Open Day on June 15, 2019 and then, maybe, in a few years to join one of the degree prorammes.