Students of the Faculty of Communication and Environment win Usability Challenge 2018

Team Mealicious with Frauke Heinecke, Carolin Meier and Raquel Olarte Rodriguez won the Usability Challenge 2018 on the topic of "Smart Glasses".

The annual "Usability Challenge" is organized by the Software Ergonomics Section of the Department of Human Computer Interaction of the Society of Computer Science and aims to motivate students to deal with questions of usability practically and methodically. This years challenge was about the systematic development and evaluation of innovative, usable and intelligent applications with data- or AR (Augmented Reality) glasses for private or professional environments.

The winning team of Usability Engineering master students developed a pair of smart glasses that assist in shopping and cooking during an applied research project in winter semester 2017/18. The application does not only allow users to easily find new recipes according to their preferences and to receive cooking support, but also saves valuable shopping time by providing assistance and guidance in the supermarket. It also helps to select the most suitable product by providing comparable information about ingredients.

The award ceremony took place on September 4th 2018 as part of the human and computer conference in Dresden.