zdi Robotics Competition 2016

Regional competition on robot performance in Kamp-Lintfort

Ten teams of pupils met at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences on 7 June to compete in the 12th of 15 regional qualifications for the 2016 zdi Robotics Competition. In the category ‘Robot Performance’, which is open primarily to teams of girls, the competitors built and programmed their own LEGO Mindstorms® robots to create narratives based on the theme ‘University and Career Paths’. The goal was to program a robot choreography to convey each team’s interpretation of the theme. Teams also constructed sets for their robot performances and set their choreographed robot performances to music. Finally, each team was asked to hold a short presentation on how they came up with and developed their ideas. The two best teams qualified for the state-wide finals on 25 June in Mülheim an der Ruhr, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Eleven zdi Centres in NRW, including the zdi Centre Kamp-Lintfort, organised seprate regional qualifications for the competition.

Final results for the Robot Performance teams in Kamp-Lintfort:

  1. Essen: B.M.V.-Gymnasium, Team Hut ab!
  2. Wesel: Andreas-Vesalius-Gymnasium, Team Robotastic9
  3. Wesel: Andreas-Vesalius-Gymnasium, Team MINT-Workers
  4. Krefeld: Gymnasium Fabritianum, Team Fifteen For Fabritz
  5. Geldern: Lise-Meitner Gymnasium, Team LISEangELS
  6. Stadtlohn: Herta-Lebenstein-Realschule, Team Fighter Girls
  7. Moers: Anne-Frank-Gesamtschule Rheinkamp, Team Glitzernde Einhornponys
  8. Kamp-Lintfort: Georg Forster Gymnasium, Team Forster Performer
  9. Duisburg: Reinhard-und-Max-Mannesmann-Gymnasium, Team "Die Blauen Stratmädchen"
  10. Moers: Gymnasium Rheinkamp Europaschule Moers, Team Robominions

About zdi

zdi, or Future Through Innovation (German Zukunft durch Innovation) is a joint initiative to promote and encourage a life-long interest in natural science and technology among young people in North Rhine-Westphalia. Together with over 3,000 partners in industry, science and academia, schools, politics and other social stakeholders, zdi.NRW is the largest joint initiative of its kind in Europe. The joint initiative is coordinated by the Ministry of Science of North Rhine-Westphalia.



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