Exciting excursion to training facility for welding technology in Duisburg

Students visit one of the largest welding technology research centres in Germany

On Monday, 11 January 2016, Professor Dr-Ing Raimund Sicking and a group of 65 students from the master’s programmes Bionics/Biomimetics and Mechanical Engineering for a multi-faceted and exciting excursion to the SLV Duisburg, a subsidiary of the Society of Welding Technology (GSI) and one of the largest training and research facilities for welding technology in Germany. The aim of these regular excursions is to complement students’ development in the fields of welding, adhesives and structural analysis by providing a professional look at the sheer variety of modern welding devices and the challenges they each present.

Kleve/Kamp-Lintfort, 16 February 2016: Cars, facades, mobiles – all non-existent without welding technology. In fact, this is the case for many things commonplace in our daily lives. Welding technology is an important and diverse field, one in which the SLV Duisburg specialists and offers an enormous variety of devices for welding, soldering and thermal spraying. This provides engineering students the perfect place and opportunity for hands-on learning, which is why Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences arranges monthly visits for its students. January’s excursion, led by Professor Dr-Ing Raimund Sicking, provided 65 master’s students from the programmes Bionics/Biomimetics and Mechanical Engineering with the chance to visit one of the largest vocational training facilities in welding technology in Germany.

After being greeted by Professor Reinhard Winkler of the SLV Duisburg, the group toured the facility and later attended a talk in English on joining technology. Professor Winkler and his team of five gave students an in-depth, hands-on look at various joining and coating processes, broadening students’ practical understanding of joining technology and structural analysis.

The excursion to SLV Duisburg was an impressive and enriching experience for students, which added even more practical depth and experience to their growing expertise.