Preparatory courses and time tables

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Preparatory courses

What is a preparatory course?

The preparatory courses of the faculty offer first-year students the opportunity to refresh and repeat their knowledge in basic subjects. At the same time, this is also the opportunity to make meet your fellow students and to get to know the campus.

Take the opportunity and get a first impression of your new university and of studying in English! You can also use the preparatory courses to find out in which subject areas you still need to catch up and in which areas you can relax and look forward to the upcoming lectures. Attending the courses will also give you a first impression of the prior knowledge expected of you, which will be important in the lectures. Please note that the courses do not replace/are not a prerequisite for studying. However, we would like to recommend these courses to our international students in particular, as their educational backgrounds might be a bit different from what we expect.


What we offer

In preparation for the winter semester 2022/23, the following digital preparatory courses will be offered from 05.09.2022 to16.09.2022:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry

The time table can be found in the download area to the right.

Mathematics is offered as digital moodle course. For this, you need to register in moodle, please follow the instructions given here.


How to register:

Registration is no longer possible.


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