Poster Award 2020

These are the winners

An integral part of every degree programme at the Faculty of Communication and Environment is an interdisciplinary project in the 5th semester. This year again, a total of 23 project groups dealt with a wide variety of research topics and presented their results at the annual poster session. Afterwards the jury announced the following winners:

The first place

went to Benedikt Haaz, Louisa Stoffers, Svenja Meurer, Maximilian Iländer, Anatoliy Novohatniy, Niklas Meusel, Simon Holzhauer, Laura-Marie Behmenburg, Iris Schmidt, Patrick Holstein, Felix Groß, Sylvia Pfaffe, Nico Skubacz and Morad Ziati for their project poster on „Monterburg – A Historical Reconstruction“. Supervised by Professor Dr Zimmer und Dr Dießenbacher the Media Communication and Computer Science students produced a film that brings the history of the castle Monterburg to life. For this purpose, they conducted interviews with experts on site, worked through the historical background in the form of a small play, and animated an abstract 3D reconstruction of the “Monterburg” in the 13th and 14th centuries.

The second place

went to Pascal Andres, Ronja Awater, Zuhal Cavus, Denyse Eitner, Linda Gatzke, Niclas Küppers, Tobias Meyer, Irene Moor, Agnesa Sahitaj, Marcel Schmidt, Judith Simon, Gianfranco Vela, Nils Winter, Sebastian Wittmann, Marius Zander und Philipp Zelle for their project poster „Awareness of IT Security“. Supervised by Professor Dr Greveler, students of the degree programmes, Media Communication and Computer Science, Psychology (Industrial and Organizational Psychology) and E-Government developed needs-based materials on computer sciences for children in the fourth and fifth grades. Within the framework of the project, they visited several primary and secondary schools to personally conduct the corresponding teaching units. In addition, they developed training materials for adults on the subject of IT security, which were made available for free use.

The third place

went to Jennifer Berger, Huyen Tram Do, Jasper Elliger, Johannes Franzen, Joanna Ibsch, René Kunz, Maria de Los Angeles Salceda Kick, Jerod Mclean, Jens Ohlmann, Thuy Pham und Jan Schapdick. Their project “The GameLet Games - Gamified, media-based training of reading fluency” was supervised by Professor Dr-Ing. Iurgel und Professor Dr Zimmer. The students of the degree programmes Media Communication and Computer Science, Psychology (Industrial and Organizational Psychology), Mobility and Logistics, Communication and Information Engineering as well as International Business Administration developed a game called "Corrector Cat" as part of the international research project GameLet, which aims at encouraging and improving pupils’ reading fluency in native and foreign languages.  According to the guidelines of the project, they focussed on a gamified, media-supported approach, which will also be used for future research within the GameLet project.



1. Project "Monterburg – A Historical Reconstruction"

2. Project "Awareness of IT Security"

3. Project "The GameLet Games - Gamified, media-based training of reading fluency"