Financial Support for students at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, its friends association Campus Cleve e.V. and the Sparkasse Rhein-Maas are teaming up to help students in financial need.

Through the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship programme, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences is able to provide financial aid to top performing students who are also active in the community or in extracurricular activities at the University. This aid has a big impact on their success, because it allows them to dedicate much more time and energy to their studies than otherwise possible. They receive 300 euros a month for 12 months. The Federal Ministry for Education and Research funds one half of the scholarship, while private donors recruited by Rhine-Waal University fund the other half. These donors continue to grow in number each year. These recruiting efforts are supported each year by the hard-working, dedicated members of our friends association, Campus Cleve e.V., among others.

Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences is pleased to announce that it will be awarding Deutschlandstipendium scholarships this year as well. Campus Cleve e.V. has already collected 5,400 euros. The Sparkasse Rhein-Maas bank will be contributing another 9,000 euros. “We are proud to support the students of our local university", explained Wilfried Röth, member of the board at Sparkasse Rhein-Maas.

Beyond the financial aid provided by Deutschlandstipendium, a new coronavirus relief fund has also been initiated for students. This fund, which was organised through the combined efforts of Rhine-Waal University, Campus Cleve, e.V. and the General Student Committee (AStA), is designed to cut through the bureaucracy and provide direct financial support to students struggling to pay their bills. Relief comes in the form of a one-time payment of 250 euros without any obligation to repay. Requests for support can be submitted to AStA directly.

“Financially supporting our students is important to us, not only through the Deutschlandstipendium. The coronavirus pandemic has put many students in difficult situations financially and we want to help them make it through,” notes Dr Oliver Locker-Grütjen, President of Rhine-Waal University. Hans-Josef Kuypers, Managing Director of Campus Cleve e.V., added: “We are very pleased at the many donations received thus far. We have been able to help a number of students already.”

If you would like to support our efforts, please donate to the coronavirus relief fund
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