Cancellation of all events until 17 July 2020

Due to the continued spread of the coronavirus, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences has been making preparations for a possible postponement of the lecture period for some time now.

In spite of current circumstances, Rhine-Waal University is keen to ensure that the start of the semester is easier for students and that the entire semester itself runs as smoothly as possible. After lectures resume, we pledge to do everything in our power to ensure that the semester wraps up completely by 17 July 2020.

This means, among other things, that HSRW will limit its activities to those which are absolutely essential for teaching and study. As a result, events on or with HSRW that do not primarily serve teaching purposes will be suspended until after 17 July 2020.

"We very much regret that we have to institute this restriction. This decision was not easy. As a university that prides itself on openness and the exchange and transfer of knowledge that these events offer, we consider them very important. But primary mandate is education and our primary obligation is to our students. In light of the ongoing pandemic, our goal is to ensure students suffer as few academic disadvantages as possible", says President Dr. Oliver Locker-Grütjen.