New Master´s degree programmes

The Faculty of Communication and Environment is going to offer three new and exciting master’s degree programmes this summer.

Digital Media, M.A. (in English)

This innovative course is an ideal three-semester follow-on master´s degree programme for students who would like to work across specialisms in a field that integrates the creativity of design with the cutting-edge technology of digital media. The truly inter- and transdisciplinary approach makes sure that students will have the chance to exploit a wide range of innovative digital products and services such as interactive advertising, digital toys, projection mapping for theatre and performance, digital publications of the future or data visualization and interactive info-graphics.


International Management and Psychology, M.Sc. (in English)

As recent developments have shown, there is a high demand for graduates with expertise in business psychology. This master’s degree programme aims to equip students for a career that matches future labour market needs and trends by teaching substantial skills in areas such as organisational, social and consumer psychology, behavioural economics, change management and organisational development, advanced research methods and intercultural management.


Information Engineering and Computer Science, M.Sc. (in English)

In times of global networking and dynamically changing economic and working environments, success increasingly depends on effective information and knowledge management. This new master’s degree programme has been designed to meet those needs. It provides a deep inside into the recording, processing and storing of data as well as giving students the chance to exploit the power of distributed network and computing units. At the same time students will be able to acquire the knowledge needed to analyse and process large amounts of data.