Information Engineering and Computer Science, M.Sc.*


Why choose Information Engineering and Computer Science?

Thinking of terms like “Information Society” or “Information Era” it becomes quite evident that information is one of the most valuable goods in today‘s economy. In times of global networking and dynamically changing economic and working environments, success increasingly depends on effective information and knowledge management. Efficient information processing or good information logistics is inevitable when data have to be acquired and information has to be delivered in the right format, at the right place, at the right time and to the right people. At the same time, acquisition, validation, presentation and data security have to meet very high standards. A dynamic environment like this needs individuals with a broad range of skills and knowledge who are able to understand and realise the requirements of information management from design and development up to the implementation of suitable IT solutions.

Our unique master‘s degree programme has been designed to meet those needs. It provides a deep insight into the acquisition, processing and handling of data as well as giving you the chance to exploit the power of distributed network and computing units. At the same time you will be able to acquire the knowledge needed to analyse and process large amounts of data. To cover all these different aspects and to give you the chance to specialise in a field that fits your interests and career plans, the programme offers five different tracks to choose from:

  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Logistics
  • Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence

What you will study

This course is a three-semester follow-on master‘s degree programme, building on the knowledge you have acquired in your undergraduate degree programme.

The first two semesters provide you with the theoretical and practical grounding vital to your professional career whereas the third semester is devoted to your master‘s thesis and colloquium. All courses have been designed to not just offer you factual knowledge but also various chances to apply what you have learned. You will be given the opportunity to enhance your knowledge by visiting lectures and deepen it by attending seminars and exercises. Practical trainings are integral parts of every module.

In your first two semesters you will develop substantial skills in areas such as “System Simulation“, “Data Mining“, “Data Analysis and Information Engineering“, “Statistics“ and “Geoinformatics“. At the same time you will gain important key competencies in the fields of “Scientific and Technical Communication”, “Intercultural Management and Intercultural Competence” as well as “Innovation Management” and will have the chance to specialise by choosing lectures and modules out of the four tracks mentioned above. Each semester also offers an applied research project, giving you the opportunity to put theory into practice.

In your third semester you will develop your master‘s thesis. Again a high academic standard as well as the relevance for use in practice are of major importance.

Career prospects

Our degree programme aims to equip you for a career that matches future labour market needs and trends by putting a special emphasis on innovative problem solving methods considering interdisciplinary and international approaches.

Complementing the individual skills you have gained in your bachelor´s degree, our master´s degree will strengthen your employability and will make you an ideal candidate for all international companies and research institutes operating in the fields of:

  • Information and data management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Development and operation of large web-based and cloud-like storage and computing facilities
  • Simulation of complex systems (e.g. modelling the environment)
  • Development of decision support systems
  • Hard- and software development for automation and control of logistic systems
  • Hard- and software development of embedded systems (used e.g. by companies situated in the automobile or medical equipment industry)

Entry requirements

Admission to our master‘s degree programme is subject to an application process.

The formal entry requirements for the Information Engineering and Computer Science, M.Sc. programme are:

  • Proof of a completed undergraduate degree (B.Sc., B.A., diploma or equivalent) which included subjects in the fields of practical computer science and computer engineering as well as fundamentals in mathematics, natural sciences and engineering. In individual cases, missing subjects can be compensated by proof of other related academic training or qualifications. Please outline your additional knowledge and experience in an essay of no more than 1,000 words.
  • An overall mark of at least 2.3 in your undergraduate degree.
  • proof of relevant TestAS Certificate (minimum 100 points) or alternatively Graduate Aptitude Test (GATE) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE; Q = 160, V = 145, A = 4,5) if you have obtained your Bachelor's degree outside the European Higher Education Area.
  • A sufficient level of English language proficiency (CEFR level B2 or better).

When and how to apply

Application guidelines for international applicants

Application deadlines

During the application period you can submit your application online by using our application portal or uni-assist in case you do not have a German undergraduate degree.

Please contact us for more information and advice


Kamp-Lintfort Campus
Friedrich-Heinrich-Allee 25, Germany
47475 Kamp-Lintfort
Tel.: +49 2842 90825-0

Head of Degree Programme
Prof. Dr Michael Schwind

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* The degree programme is suitable for part-time study in accordance with §62a HG NRW.


Place of study

Campus Kamp-Lintfort

Start date

Winter or summer semester



Duration of study

3 semesters of full-time studies

Study model

Full-time studies

Degree awarded

Master of Science

Restricted admission


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