Meet the Faculty – The Faculty of Society and Economics invited to get to know each other

On Wednesday, 17 Octobre, the Faculty of Society and Economics invited all of its students to coffee, cake and waffles in the foyer of the Audimax building. The aim of the event was to welcome the new students, exchange ideas with ‘old’ and ‘new’ students alike and at the same time inform about various services available to students. From 1:00 pm onwards, the students started to fill the foyer, gathered information at the many different stands with homemade cake and cookies, and took part in the faculty rallye, followed by a lottery.

Numerous faculty services took part including the Academic Writing support, the Examination Board and the Career Service FSE. The student bodies such as the student parliament, the AStA or the student council informed about their function at the university and promoted candidacies for the upcoming elections. During the event, videos of interviews with several faculty members were presented while Thomas Pitz, Vice Dean for Research, entertained the audience with jazzy and classical piano sounds.

The Faculty provided numerous opportunities to get involved: In addition to personal conversations with other members, students were asked to take part in a survey, create their version of a faculty mascot or generate new ideas for a good campus life at the 'Wall of Ideas'. The two hours resulted in many creative ideas but one proved to be by far the most popular: The appeal to allow dogs on campus.

‘Meet the Faculty’ was well received by students and faculty members alike. While the freshers especially benefited from getting to know the various support services, everyone enjoyed the chance to exchange ideas. "Our main goal is to engage in dialogue with our students outside the classroom," said Jakob Lempp, Dean of the Faculty. "We want to know what motivates our students and how we can meet their needs."

To facilitate this dialogue, both dean and link professors personally handled the waffle iron to serve the never-ending queue at the waffle stand. All in all, the Faculty seems to successfully welcome its students: "It's all good, and I am enjoying being here," wrote one participant.