The Faculty of Communication and Environment bids farewell to long-standing staff members

On June 21, 2023, the Faculty of Communication and Environment said goodbye to two long-serving members of staff, Professor Dr Anja von Richthofen and Mr. Ralf Postulka, who have worked with great commitment for the education of students and the development of the university since the early days. The official farewell was characterised by gratitude, appreciation and a farewell mood.

Fltr: Professor Zielke, Ralf Postulka, Professor Dr Hegemann, Professor Dr Marquardt, Professor Dr von Richthofen

Professor Dr Klaus Hegemann, Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Environment, emphasised the importance of the staff members for the success of the university and acknowledged their outstanding achievements as well as their tireless commitment. "Since the dynamic founding phase, both von Richthofen and Postulka have done outstanding work for the faculty and the university. The former, among other things, as a member of the founding presidium and the latter, among other things, in setting up and competently supervising our design workshops," said Hegemann.

The commitment of Professor Dr von Richthofen, who supported the faculty from 2010 as a Professor of Industrial and Organisational Psychology and held the post of Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Continuing Education from 2011 to 2015, was particularly highlighted. Since 2020, she has served as a professorial member of the examination board and in 2021 received a rededication of her professorship with the new denomination as Professor of Social, Personnel and Organisational Psychology. As an extraordinarily committed teacher, she shaped and supported numerous students on their way to a successful professional life.

Another farewell was to Mr Ralf Postulka, who took over the management and supervision of the Faculty's design workshops in 2012 and was a substantial contributor in setting them up. Students appreciated him equally for his expertise and commitment in instructing and advising them on production techniques and processes in the field of media production. With his competent support in the technical implementation of student projects, he contributed significantly to the success of numerous design projects.

Professor Dr Hegemann warmly thanked both of them for their highly valuable contribution to the development of the university and wished them all the best for their retirement.


Ralf Darius