Environment and Energy students visited the coal mining dump Hoheward and the User Center H2 Herten

The H2-Netzwerk Ruhr invited third semester Environment and Energy students to visit the coal mining dump Hoheward (Halde Hoheward) and the User Center H2 Herten which is part of the Energy Route (Route der Energie).

The User Center H2 Herten is doing research in the field of storing electricity from hydrogen. When visiting the coal mining dump Hoheward, students had the chance to discover the impact of coal extraction in the Ruhr area. The user Center H2 Herten then offered an insight into innovative methods to convert and store energy. Students also had the chance to explore the use of hydrogen in fuel cell vehicles by doing several test drives.


The “Energy Route” (Route der Energie) is part of a new format called “Routes of Innovation” (Routen der Innovationen) which was initiated by Klimametropole RUHR 2022 and KlimaExpo.NRW.

Photos: Copyright KlimaExpo.NRW