Environment and Energy students present their projects at lecture evening "Verkehrswende am Niederrhein"

On the occasion of the lecture and discussion event with Prof. Heiner Monheim on November 20, 2019 in Rheinberg, the students presented various projects of the faculty and provided information on the topic of "Sustainable mobility and bicycle use".


Among other things, they presented their work on the "Quality of traffic data", explained the results of an interdisciplinary project on the quality of cycle paths between the municipalities in the Wesel South District and reported on the results of a bachelor thesis on the comparison of bicycle and car speeds in Moers.

The lecture by Mr. Monheim, former professor for spatial development and regional planning at the University of Trier, dealt with challenges and possible solutions on the way to sustainable mobility in the Lower Rhine region like possible ways from climate-damaging individual transport to climate-friendly alternatives such as local public transport, cycling or walking. Prior to the actual event, Prof. Monheim discussed mobility issues in an international comparison with the Environment and Energy students.