Book on VISUALIZE event now published

The contributions and results of the successful VISUALIZE event at the Faculty of Communication and Environment in June 2019 have now been published in an anthology titled "Interactive Data Visualization in Science and Business Practice".

Interactive visualizations are increasingly important in science and practice. In addition to the analysis and presentation of company data, visualizations and animations using virtual and augmented reality technologies find their application in the planning of industrial plants, in architecture, in the representation of scientific processes or in the course of collaborative work.

Our event focused on this interdisciplinary field and offered numerous interesting lectures and practical workshops. "It was very well attended and the feedback was consistently positive. The idea of not limiting the lectures and workshops to one field of application, but showing the full spectrum of interactive data visualizations in science as well as in business and administration practice, was very well accepted," says Professor Dr Timo Kahl. Professor Dr Frank Zimmer added that, in addition to the variety of topics, the exciting mix of scientists, practitioners and students was a special unique characteristic of this event.

The practice-oriented anthology now edited by Professor Dr Frank Zimmer and Professor Dr Timo Kahl is based on results presented in the context of the conference. It provides insights into a wide variety of visualization domains, e.g. "visualization of the past", visualization concepts and modern tools as well as process and data visualization. The volume concludes with contributions on visualizations in the context of machine learning and is aimed in particular at public administrations, companies, research institutions and students of different disciplines.