Another successful Read Aloud Day on Kamp-Lintfort Campus

Again the Faculty of Communication and Environment invited primary school kids to join some very special kinds of lectures. Professor Frank Zimmer and Research Assistant Andrea da Silva read exciting stories and gave insights into their work at university. Judging by their feedback, the pupils from Ernst-Reuter-Grundschule and Grundschule am Niersenberg thoroughly enjoyed the event.

They were fascinated by Finn-Ole Heinrich’s book “Frerk, Du Zwerg” which had won the German Children's Book Award in 2012 for encouraging self-reliance, bravery and critical consciousness in an extremely funny way. After listening to some of the story, the young listeners were very imaginative when asked to think about a possible ending. But they were also very interested in Professor Zimmer’s professional life and would not leave before he had answered numerous questions about his job, his Media Communication and Computer Sciences degree programme and university in general.

At the same time Andrea da Silva entertained her young audience with a self-invented story about a little girl who takes over a circus and has to meet a lot of challenges before her business succeeds. After listening, the children had the chance try and start their own circus business by playing a game and crafting their own model. The concept was part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week and aimed at teaching children how to be courageous, to develop their own ideas and to discuss and finally implement them. The children obviously enjoyed the fun packed day and learned a lot about economy at the same time.

Read Aloud Day started in 2013 and has been a great success so far. It is supported by “Die Zeit”, “Stiftung Lesen” and “Deutsche Bahn Stiftung”. The Faculty of Communication and Environment at Rhine-Waal University is looking forward to being part of it next year again.


15th Read Aloud Day
on November 16, 2018