At the moment we are trying to build research in biomaterials and various related fields.

My research interest is in generating materials with properties similar to those of bio-materials, either for use in interfaces with the body or for their advantageous properties elsewhere. Biological materials often show local organization, internal or external structures on a molecular to microscopic scale. These structures often lend biological materials their useful properties and similar structures can be used to generate artificial materials with improved properties and sometimes “smart” materials. My recent research has been into structured surfaces; these interact with liquids in unusual ways, generating super hydrophobicity and super hydrophilicity can additionally be used to influence condensation and flow.


Current Project  Food Pro Tec TS

Our current project is on the early detection of contamination in food.  We are working on ways to extract useful information from complex spectra.  There are a large number of project partners in industry and academia.


The above link is for BSc and MSc students to chose projects.  It is not updated as often as it should be, but we are getting there...