Course Calender and Exam Periods

Dear students,

Welcome (back) to the Faculty of Technology & Bionics at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. We are excited to have you back on Campus and are looking forward to seeing you in person!

This page shows you the course catalogue for the summer term 2022 in the download area to the right. There might be some changes and updates during the next weeks so make sure to check this page every now and then.

Lectures start on March 21st.

UPDATE: 29.04.2022

We use the following abbrevations:


EL = Electrical and Electronics Engineering

BMS/BM = Biomaterials Science

IE = Industrial Engineering

MSE = Mechatronic Systems Engineering

ME = Mechanical Engineering

SCB = Science Communication and Bionics

M_B = Master Bionics

ME M = Master Mechanical Engineering