Bachelor and Master theses

Professor Darr supervises Bachelor and Master theses on the following or related topics:

  • Strategy and management of agribusiness enterprises, e.g. opportunities from “care farming” and other business diversification
  • Topics related to rural advisory services and business consulting, such as effectiveness of approaches, new methods and organizational set-ups etc.
  • Topics in the field of rural sociology, e.g. studies on migrant workers in agriculture or on the quality of life in rural communities of the lower Rhine valley
  • Profitability and operational performance of particular working methods and technologies in agribusiness, e.g. of hydroponics or gutter systems in horticultural production
  • Profitability and socioeconomic performance of locally adapted agroforestry systems in the Lower Rhine valley
  • Market analyses for now products from agroforestry systems (such as papau, Asimina triloba)
  • Aspects of human resource management and change management in agribusiness enterprises
  • Socio-economics of the utilization of underutilized plant species such as baobab (Adansonia digitata L.) in Eastern Africa, or of Walnut (Juglans regia L.) in Central Asia, particularly in Kyrgyzstan
  • Further questions in the context of ongoing research projects (see also here)

For research and internship projects, which are conducted under the program "Ostpartnerschaften 2022-2024" in collaboration with partners in Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and the Ukraine, a limited number of travel stipends can be made available. For further information, please contact the project leader of the "Ostpartnerschaften" program, Prof. Darr.

Prior to making an appointment to request supervision of your thesis, kindly prepare a brief research proposal (3-4 pages). Further information on the recommended process is available here.