Operations Research Club

Operations Research (OR) applies mathematical methods of problem-solving and decision-making. The benefits of OR include a wide range of performance improvements like cost and risk reduction, revenue enhancement and improved customer service. Developments in artificial intelligence and the technical potential for evaluating large amounts of data have further increased the range of applications.

The Operations Research Club in Kamp-Lintfort was originally initiated as a students' project. Today, it consists of experts, students and professors who cooperate in finding suitable solutions for current business issues. Due to its rich resources, it is well able to manage a great number of different operations research projects. The Club's activities range from modeling, simulation and optimization of operations or processes to forecasting of e.g. figures and transactions. 

The Club invites both, students and companies to take part in its activities. Students can easily join by enrolling in Moodle where they will find plenty of resources, tutorials, and a discussion forum. Companies are welcome to get in contact by email or phone.


Kültigin Bozdemir
Scientific Assistant

Email: kueltigin.bozdemir@hochschule-rhein-waal.de

Phone: +49 2842 908 25-9910


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