2050 – Participatory Virtual Reality

2050 is a study that explores social platforms based on virtual reality as a promising communication tool to solve environmental problems. Energy is one of the most important components of our lives and also responsible for most of the environmental problems we are facing today. 2050 was developed to bring this concept closer to our daily lives, not only on the knowledge level, but also from the perspective of our behaviour and attitude towards it. It is important for the project to understand the potential that lies in creating a culture of participation around serious issues, and to understand it as a series of activities through which people shape a space for expression and collective learning. “Our Road to 2050“, the predecessor project, was developed for the European Commission. Therefore, the project is mainly aimed at the citizens of the European Union.

A master's thesis by Diego Fernando Castro Rojas








Diego Fernando Castro Rojas

Master’s Thesis

Winter Semester 2020/21



1st Supervisor:
Prof. Michael Pichler

2nd Supervisor:
Silke Gehrmann-Becker