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Webinar "Improving your negotiation skills - coming to terms between Harvard Concept and Soviet Style" 21.04.2020 - 6 p.m.  

Negotiation skills are indispensable for both your professional and private life. But while standard textbooks on negotiation techniques still suggest classical models of fair and cooperative behavior for reaching win-winsituations (Harvard concept) the public sphere and even everyday life have developed a climate of distrust and more hard and confrontative approaches in negotiation known as ‚soviet-style‘ over the last years. In an atmosphere like this knowledge and good arguments aren’t enough, you need personal and psychological strength.  But how to improve your personal competence in this area if you aren’t an expert negotiator already? This webinar about the psychology of negotiation will help you to prepare for difficult situations by checking your weak points in advance and learning effectively from negotiations that didn’t work out for you properly. Special techniques of mental self-management can provide you with more self-confidence and will be helpful for your personal development.  

Speaker: Björn Hambsch 

Language: English 

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The Alumni Events that have been planned for the summer semester had to be cancelled due to the current situation with the corona virus and will be postponed to the winter semester 2020. We will inform you as soon as the new dates are fixed. 







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