Study orientation

What will happen after I finish school? Which study programs are there and how do I apply for it? Is the program which I wish to study really the right one for me?

The Study Advisory Service will inform you about all the things you need to know when it comes to studying. Make a personal appointment with us or come in without an appointment during the opening hours.

We also offer the following activities:

  • Workshops for an individual study orientation (only in German)
  • Orientation programs for school classes at your school or at our campus (only for German schools)
  • Sneak studies in the Easter Holidays and Autumn Holidays
  • Participation in Study Fairs
  • Informational events on specific topics


Which study course is right for me?


Which program is best suited to your interests? You can find the "Studium-Interessentest (SIT)" for study orientation on the website Hochschulkompass.


Online Self Assessment: Living and Studying in Germany 

This socio-cultural Online Self Assessment lets you explore what it’s like to study in Germany, and more specifically at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, and to find out whether your expectations align with reality.
It contains an interactive mix of self-assessment questionnaires, informative texts and videos.
For the most accurate results, find a quiet place to work, take your time and answer as truthfully as possible.


Not sure which study course is right for you? Contact the Study Advisory Service!

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