Part-time Study

Working professionals in Germany can study part-time at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. In this scenario, a student typically dedicates three days a week to their existing occupation and two days to studying. As a result, the full-time contents of the first two semesters are completed over the course of four semesters (similar to dual study).

Afterwards, part-time students continue with their specialization phase of their studies and can flexibly schedule remaining credit requirements around their work schedule.

The following degree programmes offer a part-time mode of study:

Faculty Society and Economics

  • International Taxation and Law, B.A. 
  • Nachhaltiger Tourismus, B.A.

Faculty Life Sciences

  • Agribusiness, B.A.
  • Bio Science and Health, B.Sc.
  • Bioengineering, B.Sc.
  • Qualität, Umwelt, Sicherheit und Hygiene, B.Sc.
  • Sustainable Agriculture, B.Sc.
  • Biological Resources, M.Sc. 
  • Gesundheitswissenschaften und -management, M.Sc.
  • Lebensmittelwissenschaften, M.Sc.

Faculty Communication and Environment

  • International Business Administration, B.A.
  • Verwaltungsinformatik - E-Government, B.Sc.
  • Environment and Energy, B.Sc.
  • Medieninformatik, B.Sc.
  • Mobility and Logistics, B.Sc.