HSRW Astronomy Club


Did you ever catch yourself staring into the stars and wondering what you actually see out there? What wonders the infinite depth of space might hold? This is what the HSRW Astronomy Club deals with every Friday evening. Students from all three faculties in Kleve gather and discover together some of the mysteries in the skies.

Astronomy related student presentations give scientific background knowledge to the group members, star walks let them discover celestial objects they never seen before, and in project teams they build devices to do actual science or take part in science engagement activities!

Anyone who is interested is very welcome drop by our meetings on Friday, usually from 6 pm in Audimax.

Find a first glimpse at the stars and more information here:


Join us!

WhatsApp Group: Invitelink: https://chat.whatsapp.com/EMd7lgwVrkoJz1FO82xi8o and

on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HSRWAstronomyClub/.



Moon Picture was taken by member Uzair Munir through a telescope.