Winter term 20/21: Online semester with some face-to-face classes

Dear students,

The Faculty of Life Sciences is looking forward to the coming winter term 20/21.

We are providing the following information so that you can prepare for your studies in the coming winter term. In the winter term 20/21 most of the courses at our Faculty will take place online. Nevertheless, some courses are (only) offered in attendance. Face-to-face teaching primarily concerns laboratory courses. Please consider that some sessions of the lab courses will require your attendance on campus in Kleve.

The face-to-face lab classes concern study programs Bio Science and Health (modules from the 1st, 3rd and 5th semester), Quality, Environment, Safety and Hygiene (modules from the 1st and 3rd semester) as well as some courses in the Master’s degree programs Food sciences and Health sciences and Management. One module from the 3rd semester Bioengineering course also requires your attendance on campus. The appointments take place several times during the semester. In addition, some kick-off events will take place at the beginning of the semester for which a one-time attendance is required. The exact information on the modules will be published in the timetable shortly. Please take this information into account when planning your studies.

If you have questions in regards to planning of your studies please contact the study guide of the faculty, Ms. Lena Völkel.

Best regards

Faculty of Life Sciences