Students from the Rhein-Waal University tour the Pfeifer & Langen sugar refinery

In December students studying Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering visited the Pfeifer & Langen sugar refinery located in nearby Appeldorn as part of the course “Fundamentals of Process Engineering”.

With technical support from Plant Manager Mr. Blecher and Head of Maintenance Mr. Schabbel, the tour leaders Mrs. Fischer von Mollard and Mr. Zaiss  gave presentations on the overall functions, output and operations of the factory followed by a guided tour of the facilities, showing the real-time process of taking a sugar beet from the farmer and turning it into white crystalline sugar. Prof. Joachim Gebel previously presented a theoretical overview of these “Unit Operations” in the course of his lectures for the class. The students were thrilled to have the opportunity of observing theory learned in the classroom applied in a practical “real-world” setting.