Rounded Number Contest

Ali Uluisik won first place at the round number contest carried out at the Faculty of Communication and Environment.

The Faculty of Communication and Environment at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences had asked students of the bachelor’s degree programmes “Media Communication and Computer Sciences” and “E-Government” to take part in an internal contest calculating floating point numbers. The contest was part of the course “Fundamentals of Computer Sciences” taught by Prof. Greveler.To solve the tasks of the contest, students had to gain skills in working with binary numbers which is especially difficult when dealing with factions. Prof. Greveler who had organized the contest pointed out: “A profound knowledge of Mathematics and a passion for programming are essential when intending to study Computer Sciences. Tasks like these help to advance technical understanding and self-organisation and are very hands-on”.

Ali Uluisik was delighted when he won the day. “I first had to think my way into the binary system, but after that I quickly came up with a solution”, he said.