Submarine race of the Rhine-Waal University submarine team in the Spoy Canal on Saturday 2 September 2017 from 2 pm

On Saturday 2 September 2017, from 2 pm, the crew of the University submarine Rivershark II will be competing against two teams from the Dutch university TU Delft in the Spoy Canal on Kleve Campus. All submarine fans from Kleve and surrounding areas are invited to cheer and share the thrill.


On Saturday 2 September 2017, interested visitors will have an opportunity to experience the submarine Rivershark II of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences up close and in action. Students of the Faculty of Technology and Bionics will launch their self-designed and self-built submersible in the Spoy Canal and compete against two other submarine teams from the University of Delft (TU Delft), Netherlands.

Visitors will also be able to find out more about the construction of the bionic submarine and take a look at the Bionics hall on Kleve Campus, where the students of the submarine team have worked hard designing the many features of their underwater boat.

The race will be just as exciting for the Rhine-Waal team as it will be for spectators: it will give Kleve’s submarine team a chance for a rematch after they had recently been beaten by the Dutch team at this year's international Submarine Race in Washington, D.C., USA.  In the days preceding the race, the three teams will already be meeting near Goch, to have some fun ‘talking shop’ and try out new ideas.

The submarine race will take place in the Spoy Canal on

Saturday 2 September 2017 from 2 pm, at Kleve Campus,

Drawbridge crossing the Spoy Canal,

Marie-Curie-Straße 1 (Navigation address: Briener Straße)