Virtual Freshers‘ Market – Get to know them all!

Just like every year one of the Freshers’ Week’s Highlights is the Freshers’ Market – this time of course in thevirtual version. And it is worth a visit!

Who are those Student Representatives and what are they working on? How can I become part of AStA? What kind of possibilities is Rhine-Waal University offering when it comes to sports, music, languages and semester abroad? And how can I become involved at the University beside my studies? All of these questions and many more can be tackled directly with the specific department or institution on Friday morning on October 30 from 10 to 12:30 pm at the Virtual Freshers’ Market. Part of the Freshers’ Market are also the “Studierendenwek Düsseldorf” and “ArbeiterKind.de” to inform you on study financing amongst other things.


Please find a list of the participants here:

·        Career Service Society and Economics

·        StuPa

·        AStA

·        StartGlocal Project

·        International Centre – Erasmus/Promos

·        Language Center

·        University Sports

·        University Music

·        University Group Amnesty International

·        Germany Scholarship

·        University Group UNICEF

·        Welcome Centre

·        NEAR Studie

·        University Group Fair Trade

·        Arbeiterkind.de

·        Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf

·        University Group Students4Future

·        FSR Technology and Bionics

·        FSR Society and Economics

·        FSR Life Sciences

·        FSR Communication and Environment


This is how you can get access to the Virtual Freshers’ Market:

1. Please follow https://hsrw.webex.com/hsrw-de/k2/j.php?MTID=td9a6c93cb26b923d004761b9ec76dc07
2. Please submit your name and email address!
3. Please submit the session password: Study1