Online-conference on “Feminist Perspectives in Peace and Conflict Studies: Intersectional Approaches”, 16th/17th June 2020

A complex world requires complex approaches. This is also true for perspectives on peace and conflict: No matter if we talk at the individual level about different people, their belonging and needs, at the structural level about discrimination, at the institutional level about legal frameworks or at the historical level about development and achievements –on every stage a holistic view is necessary. Against this background, the focus of this conference is dedicated to feminist perspectives in peace and conflict studies with a special focus on intersectional approaches.

The event is organized as a work-in-progress conference. Young scholars have submitted their current research which will be discussed with fellow researchers and practitioners from all academic backgrounds and levels. Amongst others participants will discuss how to apply intersectional approaches in peacebuilding practices or which role gender stereotypes play in armed conflicts. Furthermore, there will be a keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Tatiana Zimenkova (Hochschule Rhein-Waal) and Dr. Verena Molitor (University of Bielefeld) on “Executive Power and Sexual Citizenship: Negotiating Loyalties, State-citizen Relations and Uniforming Sexual Citizenship”.

The conference was organized by Prof. Dr. Eva Maria Hinterhuber (Hochschule Rhein-Waal), Victoria Scheyer (Deputy General Secretary of the German Association for Peace and Conflict Studies [AFK]), Elke Schneider (General Secretary of the AFK) and the two women’s represenatives of the AFK, Christine Buchwald (Heinrich-Heine University of Düsseldorf) and Lena Merkle (Otto-von-Guericke-University of Magdeburg).

Please find the conference program here.

You can register to take part by sending an e-mail to fem.peace2020@web.de.