Freshers‘ Week goes virtual!

The schedule of Freshers‘ Week 2020 has been published on the website of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences.

From now on new students can get more information on the events of the mainly virtual Freshers’ Week: What will take place where and when? Because of the currently dynamic situation the plan is still subject to change.

“Due to the pandemic it will all be very different – in the past years Freshers’ Week meant a lively going-on on campus and in the cities. We actually do offer some events in presence but in order to welcome the students as good as possible despite the current circumstances most parts of the week will happen online,” says Nele Decker, member of the organisation team of this year’s Freshers’ Week.

Participants can expect a great mixture of helpful informational events, campus tours, events by University Sports, virtual editions of Freshers’ Week classics like the Freshers’ Market and much more. It is strongly recommended to attend the introduction week in order to ease the study start. The organisation team of the Freshers’ Week 2020 is looking forward to the participation of many Freshers.

Please find information on the Freshers’ Week 2020 here