“Maps in the brain” award for PhD student Gaurang Khot

In August Gaurang Khot attended the “Maps in the Brain” Summer School hosted by the Donders Institute for Brain Behavior and Cognitive Science at Radboud University in Nijmegen. In addition to inspiring ideas and many new research contacts, he also brought home an award. During the summer school, Gaurang and his team mates, Joelle Vos and Tido Bergmans, had worked on a project to map brain functions using fMRI data. In their final presentation, the team convinced a jury of external experts to award them a 300€ prize for their work.

Back in Cleves, Gaurang will use the knowledge and skills he gained at the summer school to further his own research. In his PhD thesis, supervised by Prof. Neil Shirtcliffe at HSRW and Prof. Tansu Celikel at Radboud University, he investigates how dopamine regulation affects the sensory cortex in our brains and whether perceptual training can help patients with Alzheimer or Parkinsons.