HSRW Submarine Team at the International Boat Show Düsseldorf

Submarine INIA draws crowds

Designed and developed by students, the HSRW Submarine Team is showcasing their submarine INIA at the 46th annual International Boat Show Düsseldorf. Through January 25th, curious visitors can stop by Stand E44 in Hall 5 and get an up-close look at the unique submersible.


Kleve/Kamp-Lintfort, January 20 2015: The submarine INIA is drawing crowds in Düsseldorf at the city's 46th annual International Boat Show. INIA is the product of a collaborative, interdisciplinary project of the HSRW Submarine Team, which is made up of students from a variety of technical backgrounds who've worked together to design and develop the unique submersible.

What makes INIA so unique is both its biomimetic design -- a tuna-shaped body with dolphin-like fins -- and how it generates motion. Unlike your typical, propeller-driven submersibles, INIA uses its fins to "swim" through the water like a fish. Also unique is the fact that INIA is completely human-driven: the pilot lies flat inside the submarine body and generates power through physical strength. INIA's design concept has already earned accolades for the HSRW Submarine Team, such as the "Outstanding Innovation Prize" at the 2014 European International Submarine Races held in Gosport, UK.

Thanks to generous support from the expo's organisers, the HSRW Submarine Team will be presenting INIA to the public at the renowned International Boat Show through January 25th. Curious visitors will have the chance to see INIA in person and learn about all the considerations and decisions that went into the submarine's development.

"We're very happy to see how much interest there is out there for INIA, and we're thankful for all the support we've received", said student and team member Leandra Hamann. "In particular we'd like to thank Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, the friends' organisation Campus Cleve e.V., the organisers behind the International Boat Show Düsseldorf, Winkels Messe- und Ausstellungsbau GmbH, catdesign GmbH & Co. KG, Swiss Aerospace Services AG, the lacquer specialist company Terwoort, Tichelpark Cinemas in Kleve, as well as everyone who has shown us support in the past."

For information and videos about INIA, visit the HSRW Submarine Team's blog at www.inia.oceantechlab.de or join the team's official Facebook group ("HSRW Submarine-Team").


Upper photo: Members of the HSRW Submarine Team show off INIA at the International Boat Show Düsseldorf.




Linda Rozendaal