HSRW receives DAAD funding to establish a collaborative network of universities in Central and South America and the Canary Islands

Workshop mit Schüler*innen im Rahmen der Umweltkonferenz

With the 'HAW.International' programme, the DAAD has been supporting innovative projects at universities of applied sciences (HAW) that contribute to the expansion of internationalisation at universities since 2019. The selected initiatives are intended to bring about structural changes and a lasting increase in the degree of internationalisation at the university. Funding is therefore provided in particular for the development and implementation of internationalisation strategies, the establishment of cross-border networks in studies, teaching, research and transfer as well as the development of international, practice-oriented study programmes. In this context, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW) recently received funding approval for the 'LatiNetPrax' project.

LatiNetPrax' stands for the development of a Latin American network with practical relevance.

The main objective is to establish a collaborative network of universities in Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama and the Canary Islands, enabling the exchange of students, professors and researchers. The aim is to facilitate academic exchange and joint projects as well as teaching and research activities. This would enable the organisation of practice-oriented events such as conferences, summer schools, tutorials, workshops, makeathons and hackathons.

Joint research topics will be developed within this framework, particularly those focussing on interdisciplinary topics that are aimed at the Sustainable Development Goals. Teaching materials will also be developed and collaborations for international internships will be established with university and strategic partners from industry, business and social sectors.

The programme will run for two years (2024-2025) and Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences will receive almost 490,000 euros. The 'LatiNetPrax' team includes: Prof Dr Rolf Becker, Patrick Kofer, Dr Waltraud Kofer and Magdalena Mossbrucker, all from the Faculty of Communication and Environment.

Further information: www.daad.de/haw 

Victoria Grimm
Teamleiterin Hochschulkommunikation und -marketing
E-Mail: presse@hochschule-rhein-waal.de