Freshers' Day at the Faculty

Welcome at the Faculty of Technology and Bionics! The Freshers' Day on March 17th helps you with your first step at the university and faculty and is also the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow students. Come and join!

The study guidance of the Faculty of Technology and Bionics will help you to get all the relevant information. Meet Elena Buksmann, study guide of the faculty, and her team of senior student assistants and feel free to ask all the questions you have.

Join the sessions:

10.30 - 11.45 "Get the basics" in building 8, ground floor, room 005.

12.30 - 13.45 "Get the basics online", follow this link.


Finde more information about the Freshers' Day at the university, including a library tour and tips on how to survive in Germany here.