Advice and support for students

Are you struggling with academic related issues? Do you need advice and support in planning your studies, with self-organisation, learning and exam preparation as well as first steps and important milestones in your studies? Contact the study guide of the Faculty of Technology and Bionics, Ms Elena Buksmann, or come to her weekly "Onboarding Fresher's" sessions, held every Friday. In this sessions, senior students share their experiences.

These are the topics for the "Onboarding Fresher's" sessions in the winter term 22/23:

I “(My) first steps at HSRW” Online: October 7, 2022 / On campus: October 14, 2022

II “Essentials of the degree programme: (preparatory) internship, CP-thresholds (examination regulations, module descriptions)” Online: October 21, 2022 / On campus: October 28, 2022

III “Get connected for future success (networking, extracurricular activities, study groups)” Online: November 4, 2022 / On campus: November 11, 2022

IV “Exam preparation: How to prevent common mistakes (requirements and special preparation tips)” Online: November 18, 2022 / On campus: November 25, 2022

V “All about exams: registration, repeating and postponing (deadlines, regulations, restrictions)” Online: December 2, 2022 / On campus: December 9, 2022

VI “Jobs for students within the university (student assistants, tutors, how to find)” Online: December 16, 2022

VII “Private Q&A session with senior students only: Christmas Party (Faculties of Communication and Environment /  Technology and Bionics)” Online: December 21, 2022 (exception! Online on Wed 2:30 pm on https://hsrw.info/22tb)

VIII “Emergency Q&A: Examination Phase” Online: January 13, 2022 / On campus: January 20, 2022


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