2nd Ethics Day at Rhine-Waal University

Social Responsibility – A Forgotten Virtue?

Globalization, current debates and non-financial reporting have raised our consciousness of social responsibility and ethics. Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science will be holding a festival dedicated to ethics on November 7th 2018 on Kamp-Lintfort Campus. The event, entitled “Ethics Day. Social Responsibility – A Forgotten Virtue” will critically examine the importance of businesses and organizations in this context and their possible impact on supporting social issues. The festival opens with a scientific symposium on ethical issues within marketing, banking, economies and the health-system, followed by workshops on different ethical topics and a panel discussion.

Scientific Symposium on Ethics and Finance

The Ethics Day “Social Responsibility – A Forgotten Virtue” will critically examine our current social systems within the framework of ethical behaviour and socially-responsible business practices. The event begins with a scientific symposium on complex ethical issues. Within marketing, banking, economy and the health-system. Leading researchers and industry experts will provide attendees with detailed information about ethical developments in following presentations: “Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. – Ethical challenges of digital marketing”, “How money can effect society – Sustainable banking at GLS”, “Economic development 4.0 – How to foster regional value chains and cooperative economies” and “Ethical issues in for-profit health care”.

After the presentations different workshops related to the presentations will take place and the winners of the “Case Study” competition on the topic of “Social Entrepreneurship” will receive their award. A podium discussion will conclude the symposium. After the symposium attendees are welcome to stay for a formal reception.


Festival of the Good Life

Students at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences and everyone who is interested in discussing the role of social responsibilities within business activities is welcomed to take part in an ethics festival, which promises inspiring discussions and exchanges with experts. In a series of informative lectures, experts will be holding presentations on various ethical topics, such as “Ethical challenges of digital marketing”, “Sustainable banking at GLS”, “Regional value chains and cooperative economies”, and “Ethical issues in for-profit health care”. Attendees are warmly invited to take part in the accompanying discussions and to contribute to in-depth discussions in workshops related to the talks. Accompanying the Ethics Festival will be live music and a poetry slam competition and the day-long event will conclude with an awards ceremony. All lectures will be held in German. We warmly invite international guests and offer translations of the talks as well as for the participation in the discussions.

For more information, please see the official programme flyer.


Prof. Dr Klaus Hegemann


Case Study

Information on the “Case Study” competition on the topic of “Social Entrepreneurship”