Academic Staff

Prof Dr William Megill Prof Dr Lily Chambers Hon Prof Dr Julian F V Vincent


Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Claudio Abels


Research Officer

Roland Grichnik, MSc


PhD Students

Margarete Dytkowicz Annika Müsse Adriana Cabrera
Beaver Ecology Water Harvesting Soft Robotics


Laboratory Staff

Kazi-Eham Uddin

Ifthekhar Ahammad

Leen Nijim

Pierre-Yves Sirois-Cournoyer

Vedavyas Reddy Thirumalareddygari

MSc Students

Elizabeth Banken - Wood-wasp inspired biomimetic drilling in space

Utkarsh Chapatwala - Electrical systems for an off-grid houseboat

Sai-Kiran Mahendrakar - CFD simulation of a biomimetic pitching heaving foil

Liza Psotta - Creativity in the teaching of music and bionics

Dharmdeep Shah - HVAC for an off-grid houseboat

James Specker - Quality control in the manufacture of coiled nylon artificial muscles