Module Handbooks

What's under the hood?

Here is what goes on in the classroom and in the laboratories of the MSc in Bionics at HSRW.

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Core Courses

3300 Research Methods

3301 Numerical Methods

3302 General Management

3600 Principles of Bionics

3601 Bionics of Sensing

Focus Fields


3614 Biological Systems

3615 Surfaces, Membranes, and Skins

3606 Physics of Agent Behaviour

3616 Biomechanics

3617 Structural Biomaterials

3618 Plant Biomimetics

3619 Biological Transformation


3402 Principles of Software Development

3603 Human Machine Interaction

3606 Physics of Agent Behaviour

3407 Computational Multibody Dynamics

3602 Bioinspired Machine Learning

3604 Autonomous Robotics

3605 Evolutionary Algorithms


3608 Sustainability

3609 Advanced Chemistry of Materials

3611 Bioplastics

3613 Biomimetic Engineering Materials

3403 Materials Selection and Simulation

3610 Smart Materials and Surface Technology

3612 Lightweight Materials and Joining

R&D Output

3303 Applied Research Project

3304 Masters Thesis

3305 Colloquium