Our consulting approach

The center point of our work as the Study Advisory Services is you as the advice-seeking person. Our focus is on the consultation regarding choice of study and organization of your studies.

The consulting approach of the Central Study Advisory Services is based on a general tenor which is resource-oriented, client-focused and neutral. An open outcome of the consultation as well as confidentiality of the shared information are self-evident to us.

Our consultation is always shaped according to the personal issues and topics of the advice-seeking person which are usually centered on their studies but can also include private crises.

As we do not anticipate or pre-define the outcome of the consultation we can ensure that the needs and inclinations of the advice-seeking person are met. We want to empower the self-competence of each person who seeks our advice so that we do not make the decisions on their behalf but rather assist in the process.

If we encounter a topic which exceeds our competence we are happy to connect you to a suitable counselor.