More than just a University

An experience report from Shaiful


I am Shaiful from Bangladesh. I completed my M.Sc. degree in Economics and Finance at Rhien-Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW) in 2015. Since then I have been employed as a Manager in Controlling department in a German-based company. I would like to share my experience during my study at HSRW.

To begin with, it was not an easy decision for me to study at HSRW as the university was quite new. Generally the shortcomings of a newly established university might outweigh that it has to offer for the international students. Satisfying enough, my decision has been paid off well.

My first semester started with some prominent, but also very interesting courses like Managerial Economics, Banking and Risk Theory, and Econometrics that paved the way for me to draw up a vision. The second semester shaped my academic career far beyond my expectation from a M.Sc. degree at this university. I studied Applied Corporate Finance, Modelling Financial Markets and Public Finance. All the courses gave me insights into the respective topics from international perspectives. I learned a lot of concepts not only from the Professors but also from many international colleagues who have come up with different ideas about every single topic. The lectures were exciting because of the brilliant questions and ideas raised by these students and the intelligent answers delivered by the Professors. Until now I still keep in touch with many of the colleagues who come from Vietnam, Pakistan and Serbia. It is just fantastic, isn’t it? More than that, I have acquired priceless knowledge in economics, finance and international financial markets that have sharpened my way of thinking about the business.

Studying in such an international university like Rhine-Waal will bring you not only lectures and exams but also exceptional experience in your student life. The university campus is most of the time crowded with students from all the continents. Here, you have definitely a chance to get to know different people with different cultures and beliefs that allow you to experience things you might never have before. For example, many stunning events, from cultural programmes like “Festival of Tolerance”, “International Africa Day”, “Indonesian Night”, etc., where you can always taste different continental foods, to the traditional party like “Winterball”, are organized on a regular basis. There are so many interesting groups for sports, art, and music. Additionally, the university campus is located in Kleve, a small but lovely city where people can enjoy the beauty of the nature in every season. For those who like travelling, another good thing is, the semester tickets allow students to travel freely through the whole region of North Rhine-Westphalia.  

In a nutshell, Rhien-Waal University of Applied Sciences is a full-package of education and joy. You will definitely see differences in you after you come in and finish your study at HSRW. I wish the prospective students the best of luck.

The content of this page was created by Shaiful.