Industrial Experience in the University Environment

The ENSPIRE project is about fostering the development of practical engineering skills among the student body. It is about assisting them to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in the classroom through the exploration of their own paracurricular interests. ENSPIRE complements the FabLab facility in Kamp-Lintfort. Through ENSPIRE, students can experience a professional level of project development and management which should deliver tangible products/results based on solid engineering or scientific practice, supported by university faculty and industrial partners. The various paracurricular student teams (Submarine, Beer-brewers, Formula Student, Field Robot, Roboboat, etc) are gathered together under the ENSPIRE umbrella, but ENSPIRE is not intended to be limited to such team competition activities. ENSPIRE also supports BSc/MSc thesis projects.

  • HSRW Submarine
  • Rhine Waal Racing
  • SpoyWiesel Roboboat
  • Shell EcoMarathon
  • Beer Brewers
  • Field Robot

ENSPIRE website