Equal Opportunities Office


Welcome to the webpage of the equal opportunities office at the Faculty of Technology and Bionics. We are the elected equal opportunity officers and we are here to make sure that all activities of the faculty follow the principles and guidelines for equal opportunities at the Rhine-Waal-University of Applied Sciences.


What is our task?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines equal opportunity as:

[T]he principle of treating all people the same, and not being influenced by a person's sex, race, religion, etc.


We support the work of the Central Equal Opportunities Officer and her team on the Faculty level. We promote equal opportunities for women and men and work towards eliminating existing disadvantages for female researchers and students in accordance with general guidelines.

Our responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Participate in the development and implementation of the measures formulated in the Equal Opportunities Plan
  • Participate in university-wide projects and programmes as well as work on faculty-related concepts (e.g. staying a certified ‘family-friendly university’)
  • Accompany recruitment processes of employees, advise faculty committees
  • Develop and implement projects and events with respect to the topics of equal opportunities and diversity, especially those that aim at tackling gender-specific barriers hampering women’s access to certain fields of study (e.g. Girls’ Day, the MINT Girls' summer school, programmes especially for our female students)
  • Advise on questions concerning equal opportunities
  • Support students with family obligations


Who can use our service?

We provide services for students, employees and professors of the Faculty of Technology and Bionics.

You can contact us for example if:

  • You need information and counselling on matters such as gender balance, equal opportunities, a healthy work-study-family balance, in cases involving disadvantage, discrimination etc.
  • You are a student, employee or professor and would like to bring your child to work at the University and take care of it in the Parent-Child Room.
  • You seek information on maternity protection, parental leave and childcare facilities.
  • You are in need of advice and help because you feel you have been disadvantaged or discriminated against.
  • You would like to make suggestions for the improvement of equal opportunities or family friendliness at our faculty.



All your inquiries will be treated confidentially and under strict adherence to the data protection rules and regulations. We will only take action if the person seeking advice explicitly agrees.



We organize our own events and support the faculty in further events, for example for women in STEM, the MINT Girls' summer school and the like. Recent events will be announced here!


Contact us

You can contact us by email: Gleichstellung-FTB@hochschule-rhein-waal.de

You are also welcome to use our office hours:

First Tuesday of the Month 10:00 - 11:00

Webex-Meeting Number 2733 165 5153 Meeting Passwort: SoSe2022

The Equal Opportunity Officers of the Faculty are:

Doris Gerland, International and Marketing

Prof. Dr. Lily Chambers, Professor for Bionics with focus on Biology






Office hours:

First Tuesday of the Month

10:00 - 11:00

Webex-Meeting Number 2733 165 5153 Meeting Passwort: SoSe2022


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