Research & Theses Topics

Below, is a list of generic topics, made for students, who are seeking a thesis topic (Bachelor's or Master's) in my field of research/interest.


This is a non-complete mutable list of my current research interests. You may find this an inspiration for your research. In addition, at the end of this page you can find some topics I like to offer (most recent interests are italic).

  • Integration of Usability Engineering and Software Engineering (agile, non-agile)
  • HCD process capability including assessment approaches and models, tools for metering/measuring the process capabilities (e.g. based on ISO 9241-220, ISO 9241-221)
  • The maturity of UX in companies. Does it exist? How is it measured?
  • Design Thinking ... (Why) do we (still) need HCD?
  • Approaches and tools for the selection of usability and design methods
  • Human-Centred Innovation (Human-Centred Design/User Experience Design/Design Thinking, Google Venture Sprint, etc. … methods, that aim for innovation. How do they link to HCD?)
  • Digital Fabrication - New approaches/methods making use of Digital Fabrication and HCD
  • Digital Fabrication in combination with innovation-driven approaches, e.g. Design Thinking, etc.
  • Engineering Human-Centred Products (Keywords: Open Design, Digital Fabrication)
  • FabLab Ecosystem and Cultural Effects
  • Innovation Management combined with Human-Centred Design
  • Cross-Innovation Management
  • Cross-Innovation combined with Human-Centred Design
  • State of the art in science and technology: AI in the context of HCD/ UX
  • AI-driven UX design
  • AI powered ‘Tools’ supporting HCD process lifecycle development activities
  • Interaction with AI: In which application areas do we already use AI and to what extent does this improve usability/UX?
  • AI-based Usability Testing


NOTE: User Experience and HCD are closely related, so the terms above can almost be substituted for the reason of research.

As you know I am also open-minded to other/related topics. You can present me with your research results and we can discuss.